In Skopin, war veteran Taisiya Butina was congratulated on her 100th birthday

On May 14, Skopints congratulated Taisiya Mikhailovna Butina, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, on her centenary. On the day of her anniversary, in the small courtyard of her house, representatives of the authorities, veteran organizations, volunteers, artists of the Palace of Culture named after A. Lenin. Together with the hero of the occasion, they sang her favorite songs and remembered the glorious path of the hero of the day.

Wrote letters for the wounded and sang

Taisiya Butina was born in Skopin in 1922. She was the youngest daughter, the fifth child in the family of a conductor-paramedic and a worker. After graduating from railway school N 62, she entered the nursing school in Skopin. I studied for two years and the war began. The hospital where her military journey began was evacuated to Gus Khrustalny. She worked there until September 1945.

Taisiya Mikhailovna not only nursed the seriously wounded. She wrote letters for them, fed them, clothed them, made the bed. And sometimes she played the guitar and sang for them … Nurses worked for 12 hours, and sometimes they were on duty for days, practically lived in the hospital. Very young, small and fragile Tasya, along with other girls, carried the wounded on a stretcher. And when it was announced that the war was over, the wounded carried Taisiya Mikhailovna into the ward in their arms, shouting “Hurrah!”

Choir Mascot

Then she worked in the Skopinsky hospital until 1950, and then until 1954 she worked in a hospital in Germany. And upon returning home – in the infectious disease cabinet Skopinsky Central District Hospital until retirement. She was quickly widowed and alone understood two small children, without losing her kindness and participation towards other people. When in Skopin, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory, they decided to organize a choir of war and labor veterans, it was Taisiya Mikhailovna Butina who helped the future leader of this group, Antonina Dychkova, in all matters. And all this time she herself was not only a member of the “Starinushka” choir, but also its talisman. She is now the only participant in the war in the team.

I congratulated the hero of the day. Head of Skopin Administration Irina Lanina:

“Your whole life is a feat. And your anniversary is an event for Skopin and the entire Ryazan region. Let your family surround you with care and attention! Live long and happily!”

Many flowers, gifts, warm words sounded from

medical veterans, volunteers of city schools. And the brass band and the choir “Starinushka” made this holiday truly bright, solemn and memorable for everyone. And Taisiya Mikhailovna sang all the iconic songs with the artists

“Thank you, my golden ones, that you remember that you made me so happy,” Taisiya Mikhailovna Butina said at parting.