December 17, 2022, 07:46 – Public News Service – OSN

In the city Samara during the meeting of the council, the public raised the issue of ice that is relevant for residents, which appears on the water infrastructure due to constant leaks. Public utilities employees are experiencing difficulties in order to cope with its cleaning within the specified time frame.

“This causes justified indignation and indignation among the inhabitants of the city. Passing through the addresses that Samara residents complain about on social networks, I share these emotions, ”says the text of the statement made by the head of the city, Elena Lapushkina.

Specialized agencies note that in recent months this problem has become one of the most exciting topics for local residents. Information about this is distributed by KP-Samara.

Lapushkina pointed to the fact that one should not perceive as a normal state of affairs the permanent frost that forms on the approaches to city buildings. Public utilities were instructed to increase the priority of the tasks of restoring order in the territory of social facilities.

Recall, Lyudmila Tarkhova, daughter of the former mayor Samara Viktor Tarkhov can be sent to a colony for 11 years at the request of the state prosecutor at a meeting of the Leninsky District Court. According to KP-Samara, Tarkhova was accused of extorting 200 million rubles from Alexander Mileev, a deputy of the Samara Provincial Duma.

According to the investigation, the daughter of the former head of the Volga city demanded money from the official under the threat of compromising evidence. Now she does not admit guilt, indicating that she sought to return the debt that her father gave. The deceased businessman Oleg Dyachenko allegedly acted as a guarantor of the return of funds.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that in Volzhsky near the Samara region, an accident occurred with an injured pedestrian. The relevant information was published by the local police. According to the regional police, the incident occurred on the fourth kilometer of the Samara-Buguruslan-Petra Dubrava road.