In Rybny congratulated the medical workers of the hospital “RZD-Medicine” and the district hospital

On June 16 and 17, celebratory meetings were held at which medical workers were congratulated on their professional holiday. Traditionally in Russia, on the third Sunday of June, congratulations are given to those who have dedicated their lives to medicine.

On June 16, medical workers from structural units from Rybny, Ryazan, Sasov, and Ryazhsk gathered in the courtyard of the RZD-Medicine hospital. They were congratulated by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Ryazan Region Vladimir Khominets, the deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma Nikolai Makarikov, acting. Alexander Dovzhenok, Deputy Head of the Moscow Railway, representatives of local authorities of the Rybnovsky urban settlement, head of the regional trade union organization of railway workers.

“I wish, first of all, health to you, your family and friends, a peaceful sky over your head, stability. Once again, thank you for your work!” said Vladimir Khominets, Deputy Minister of Health of the Ryazan Region.

Leading programmer Dmitry Minaev, head of the economic department Liliya Aleshkova and pediatrician Olga Sorokina were awarded a certificate of honor and gratitude from the General Director of Russian Railways. The gratitude of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation was received by the general practitioner Svetlana Aleshkova, the chief nurse Natalya Guseva, the chief accountant Valentina Proshina, the dentist-therapist Irina Fateeva. Many more departmental and regional awards were received by medical workers, as well as kind words, congratulations were addressed to them. Employees of the Social and Cultural Center prepared a festive concert for them.

On June 17, a district celebration for medical workers was held at the SCC. The leadership of the district and city administrations, the chairman of the district Duma and the city Council of Deputies, a member of the public chamber of the Ryazan Regional Duma congratulated the doctors and presented them with well-deserved awards.

“Our dear medical workers. I am very pleased to congratulate you on the holiday of people who protect our health and return it to us. May you have triple health, may you have enough strength for everything, there will be gratitude from patients, understanding management. Peaceful sky to you, family well-being, good luck! ”, – said Marina Lysakovskaya, acting. head of the district administration.

Creative performances from regional cultural institutions pleased the health workers at the end of the holiday.


Galina Smetukhina, paramedic-laboratory assistant of the Rybnovskaya Republic of Belarus, was awarded the badge “Excellent Health Worker”:

“I have been working in the clinical diagnostic laboratory for almost 40 years. She started working in the Design Bureau, where she got on the distribution after graduating from the Ryazan Medical School. Then she moved to the Rybnov hospital. Over the years, equipment and technology have changed a lot – everything has improved, quality and accuracy have increased.

I never doubted what profession to choose. And I still like the work, I enjoy it. And what is important, we have a very good team, understanding leadership. So our head Vera Kiselyova was awarded the Gratitude of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation today.”

Svetlana Makhotina, surgeon, Rybnovskaya Republic of Belarus:

“I have been working at the Rybnovskaya hospital for 10 years. I didn’t regret my chosen specialty for a minute. She began her career here as an emergency doctor, while still studying in residency. Gained a colossal rich experience and then moved to the position of a surgeon, both adult and pediatric, on an outpatient basis. For me, my work is everything, I found myself in this profession.

The most pleasant thing is to see the result of your work when the patient is on the mend. For me, it is a balm for the soul that I do not work in vain. I wish my colleagues not to lose their enthusiasm and inspiration in their work.”