In Ryazan, the action “Charity ear”

The action “Charity ear” started on May 9 and will last for a month. Every Thursday at 13.00, anyone can taste a hot fragrant salmon dish for free near the Sushkof and Del Pesto restaurant (Dzerzhinsky St., 55).

The organizers confirm that the prepared fish soup meets the chain’s standards: it is prepared from quality products in compliance with all sanitary rules. The composition of the dish traditionally includes parts of salmon, potatoes, onions and carrots. The Sushkoff and Del Pesto chain has already treated townspeople with fish soup in a pandemic near its flagship restaurant in Yekaterinburg. Now the geography of the action is expanding: more than a dozen establishments from Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Tyumen and Ryazan have joined the participation. The company plans to prepare 20 liters of fish soup weekly.

‚ÄúSomeone will ask, why should we waste resources at a time like this? Yes, the situation in the country is not easy, but we always have quality products in our restaurants that are not suitable for direct sale, but are suitable for preparing dishes not from our main menu. Therefore, and simply because someone owes, we decided to resume our long-standing campaign – “Charity fish soup”, – comments Mikhail Koltsov, CEO of the company.