Now the country is experiencing a large shortage of personnel in primary health care. As the President of the Russian Federation noted earlier, doctors work with a colossal workload.

Photo: official portal of the administration of the Lipetsk region

The head of state proposed to introduce the position of trainee doctors, when residents of the second year could work in their specialty, primarily in primary health care. .

Sergei Leonov, the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Protection, proposed fixing in a “strict order” the obligation of medical students who study on a budgetary basis to work for three years in the direction. He explained that the distribution of graduates will be regional health departments.

According to the deputy, the proposal of the head of state on trainee doctors can defuse the current situation in healthcare, but for its global solution it is necessary to oblige graduates to work in primary healthcare for three years in their specialty.

On the DumaTV website, they also reminded that from January 1, 2023, additional payments to the salaries of doctors who work in primary care will be introduced. At the same time, the amount of payments should be the same for each specific category of medical workers, regardless of the region.