In Russia they talked about the use of “Malva” during the SVO

The newest self-propelled artillery gun (SAO) 2S43 “Malva” is successfully undergoing experimental combat operation in the zone of a special military operation (SVO). About the use of CAO told Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery (RVa) of the Armed Forces Russia lieutenant general Dmitry Klimenko in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

“During the special military operation, 82-mm Drok self-propelled mortars, 120-mm Phlox self-propelled artillery guns and 152-mm Malva self-propelled artillery guns are already undergoing experimental combat operation, confirming their high tactical and technical characteristics,” he said in an interview ahead of Missile Forces and Artillery Day, which is celebrated on November 19.

The self-propelled gun on a BAZ chassis with an 8×8 wheel arrangement can travel up to 1,100 kilometers on public roads without refueling. “Malva” is designed to destroy enemy structures, artillery batteries, air defense systems, columns of armored vehicles and manpower.

In October, military expert Anatoly Matviychuk reportedthat the maneuverability of the Malva self-propelled joint stock company on a wheeled chassis is better than that of tracked vehicles. He noted that the firing range of self-propelled guns with conventional ammunition is 22-25 kilometers.

Same month became knownWhat “Rostec” handed over to the Ministry of Defense the first batch of the newest self-propelled guns “Malva”. An artillery installation can operate in simultaneous fire attack mode, when several fired ammunition simultaneously reach the target.

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