In Russia they talked about the influence of the air defense system on the modernization of the Su-35

The experience gained during a special military operation (SVO) allows us to quickly modernize the super-maneuverable fighter of the 4++ generation Su-35S. He spoke about the influence of the air defense system on the improvement of the aircraft TASS Director of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu.A. Gagarin (KnAAZ, part of United Aircraft Corporation) Alexander Pekarsh.

“Issues that were previously resolved for a long time, now (with the beginning of the Northern Military District – approx. “”) are resolved very quickly. (…) Su-35S aircraft in the shortest possible time [встал на крыло], and now we can say without false modesty that this is the best aircraft in its class. This is not my opinion, but that of those who operate this aircraft,” he said at the Russia International Exhibition and Fair on VDNH.

Pekarsh added that the fifth generation fighter will have to go through the same path. Su-57, which is still at the initial stage of operation. According to him, the main task is to increase aircraft production.

In October became knownthat the United Aircraft Corporation transferred Russian Ministry of Defense another batch of Su-35S fighters manufactured at KnAAZ.

In the same month, correspondent Guido Schmidtke appeared on the German channel Welt reportedWhat Su-35 superior to any aircraft Kyivand its use in conjunction with gliding bombs showed high efficiency at the front.

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