In Russia they talked about the impressive characteristics of Checkmate

Advanced light tactical aircraft, also known as Su-75, or Checkmate, has some impressive features. About it told retired colonel Victor Baranets on radio Sputnik.

The expert noted the high performance of the Su-75 in terms of cost-effectiveness ratio. According to him, the stated cost of the aircraft at 25-30 million dollars is average.

“The Americans are raising prices, some of their designs F-35 already exceeding 100 million. Of course, potential buyers will not rummage through their wallet, especially with such tactical and technical characteristics of the Checkmate. The declared characteristics of our fighter are, of course, impressive, including the number of weapons, including FAB-500 aerial bombs,” Baranets said.

He also estimated the timing of the appearance of the first prototype of the aircraft, which, according to the Deputy Prime Minister Russiachapters Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, can be created before the end of 2025. Baranets emphasized that such deadlines are related to design improvements.

Previously in state corporation “Rostec” reportedthat Russia has begun preparations for the production of the first samples of light fifth-generation Checkmate fighters. The design documentation has already been transferred to the manufacturer.

In February the representative Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation toldthat Middle Eastern countries are showing interest in the Su-75.

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