In Russia they proposed to provide housing for newlywed students

IN State Duma are introducing a bill to provide married students with shared housing. This is reported by TASS with reference to the relevant document.

The authors of the initiative were deputies from the faction LDPR. They propose to give newlywed students rooms in dormitories on a priority basis. We are talking about full-time and part-time students who got married while studying at the university.

The project also involves the payment of social scholarships to student families or single students with children, including adoptive parents and guardians. In addition, according to the document, institutions will be able to create conditions for the supervision and care of students’ children.

According to LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky, at the moment there are no government measures to support student families. The bill could come into force in July of this year.

Earlier in the State Duma initiated mass inspection of student dormitories. Deputies claim that Russian universities do not comply with the norms of the Housing Code and refuse to enter into housing agreements with students for the entire duration of their studies in order to be able to evict them at any time.

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