In Russia they declared Europe’s service to its master and its refusal to be firm

Europe shows firmness only in those cases when it serves the interests of its owner. This was stated by the first deputy permanent representative Russia at UN Dmitry Polyansky on social networks X (formerly Twitter).

“It is worth noting that Europe has long abandoned “firmness and strength.” Now it shows firmness only when it serves the geopolitical interests of its owner,” the publication says.

He agreed with the statement of the ex-ambassador France V Israel And USA Arnaud Bertrand, who was outraged that Europe was not speaking out loudly about the situation in the Middle East. The former diplomat noted the seriousness of what is happening in the region. In his opinion, European countries must respond with greater firmness.

Previously President of Russia Vladimir Putin statedthat Europe’s dependence on the United States will not allow it to protect its own interests. This is the current tragedy of European states, the Russian leader emphasized. He also added that elites in Europe have lost their sense of national identity.

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