In Russia, they assessed the change in prices for tangerines for the New Year

It is possible to avoid a shortage of tangerines for the New Year, and also to achieve some price stabilization by increasing supplies from Turkey, Morocco, South Africa And Tunisia. This is the opinion in a conversation with expressed Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of Retail Trade Companies (AKORT) Igor Karavaev.

Before the New Year, the country traditionally receives large quantities of tangerines from Turkey (the country accounts for 50 percent of imports), he clarified. At the same time, one should not expect a significant reduction in the price of tangerines this year, since the situation is affected by the rising cost of logistics and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, warned the chairman of the AKORT presidium.

If at the end of last year the minimum cost of this fruit in retail chains was at the level of 65-70 rubles per kilogram, now it has reached about 99 rubles, Karavaev clarified.

According to him, prices for tangerines consist of two components – logistics and harvest. Harvest of tangerines Abkhazia this year there may be approximately 20 thousand tons less than usual, and a decrease in collection is also observed in Azerbaijanhe noted.

Another factor was the discovery Rosselkhoznadzor There are two types of pests in tangerines – the fruit fly and the polyphagous humpback fly. Because of this, more than 400 tons of fruits from Turkey and Iran.

In July 2023, prices for tangerines in the country decreased. According to the Kontur.Market business automation service system, the drop was about 5 percent. At the same time, tea, turkey, carrots and buckwheat fell in price.

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