In Russia, the mayor called on men to sneak up on their wives to increase the birth rate

Mayor Nevinnomyssk Mikhail Minenkov suggested that men living in the city sneak up on their wives to increase the birth rate. He posted the corresponding post on his Telegram-channel.

“I appeal to men – today you need to sneak up on your beloved, so that in nine months not 700 people will be born in the city, but 10,000,” he said.

In his opinion, the development of society is impossible without the right guidelines. Development is also hampered by a “demographic hole,” he noted. The mayor added that “children are our future” and noted that it is important to speak correctly about values, the importance of family and love for the Motherland.

Previously obstetrician-gynecologist, public health and health specialist, expert WHO Lyubov Erofeeva called authorities Russia provide women with free contraception to reduce the number of abortions in the country.

“Abortions are performed in cases of unwanted pregnancies, so the state needs to take care to provide vulnerable groups of women with free contraception or contraception on a preferential basis. Then there will be fewer abortions,” she explained.

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