In Russia, teenagers organized a military field club and abused children

In Dinsky district Krasnodar region A group of teenagers who organized a military field club abused three eight-year-old schoolchildren at least six times. Parents of junior schoolchildren shared the details of what happened, their words leads KP.RU.

Investigators opened a criminal case against the schoolchildren on November 10. According to the parents, the young children were abused by teenagers aged 12, 13 and 16. Their acquaintance with eight-year-old children occurred in the summer – high school students organized a military field club, where they began to train their acquaintances with younger schoolchildren. The parents were happy because in the locality where they lived there were not many children’s clubs and day camps.

When the summer ended, parents began to limit the meetings of eight-year-old children with adult schoolchildren, since they were assigned a lot of homework. After his parents refused to meet with their adult friends, one of the boys burst into tears and explained to his father that he couldn’t skip training at the fight club, as they would be punished for it. The boy did not say what exactly was happening there.

Boys his age and three older boys gathered there (…). Sanya happily went to training in the evening. I was also glad that he had such company, that the older boys taught them to do push-ups, run, and did military training with them. That is, they don’t sit on their phones, but are busy doing something useful.”

Father of one of the injured children

Their parents became aware of the abuse of children when the older brother of one of the victim boys saw what punishment looked like at a military field club. After the boy’s father found out about this, he pushed and hit his son’s offenders several times and reported the situation to law enforcement.

It subsequently became known that the mother of one of the boys knew about the abuse of three eight-year-old children. She decided not to talk about the situation so as not to discredit the child. Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident.

In the summer of 2021, teenagers 13 and 15 years old violated over a 12-year-old boy at a children’s health camp in Zlatoust Chelyabinsk region. The sexual abuse of the child became known only a year later thanks to a video recording made by one of the children, which came to the attention of the juvenile affairs inspectorate.

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