In Russia it was proposed to change the system of payment of maternity capital

IN Russia it is necessary to change the system of maternity capital payments and establish a progressive scale. This was stated by the head of the Institute of Research and Expertise VEB Andrey Klepachhis quotes Vedomosti newspaper.

In the report “The Role of Human Capital in Improving the Quality and Dynamics of Development of the Russian Economy,” a VEB expert proposed several ways to increase the population through the birth rate. One of them, Klepach named a progressive system of payments depending on the order of birth and indexation of maternity capital for each subsequent child, depending on unfavorable climatic living conditions and regional coefficients.

In addition, a representative of the VEB Institute proposed extending social responsibility practices to large businesses so that they would also transfer payments for children to employees, as well as issue large families with a car upon the birth of their fourth child. Currently, most of the maternity capital is paid for the first child, which “disincentivizes the birth of the second and subsequent children,” while payments to large families are transferred only under conditions of low income – these measures need to be expanded, Klepach noted.

The maternity capital program has been operating in Russia since 2007. Initially, money was paid for the second, third or subsequent child, but since the beginning of 2020, payments were also received at the birth of the first child. In 2023, the amount of maternity capital amounted to 589.5 thousand rubles for the first child and 779 thousand for the second, provided that the parents did not receive payments for the first-born.

Committee member State Duma on labor, social policy and veterans’ affairs Svetlana Bessarab suggested allow large families to spend maternity capital funds on the purchase of a car. According to her, the authorities have been considering this problem for a long time, but it has not been possible to solve it, since buying a car on the secondary market may involve cashing out capital.

Previously, head of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Nina Ostanina proposed to provide free housing to the parents of the fifth child in the family. It is also necessary to introduce discounts on housing and communal services for large families, introduce social housing for them and introduce preferential visits to cultural institutions for children from large families, added deputy

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