This became known during the first All-Russian Forum of Student Sports Clubs of Professional Educational Organizations.

Photo: Department of Education of the Oryol Region

As the Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Alexander Bugaev noted, every year more and more children come to colleges to study. Sports play an important role in colleges and technical schools. Therefore, one of the important tasks facing the ministry is to create conditions for educational work with the inclusion of sports in it.

A plenary session was held within the framework of the forum. Alexander Bugaev said that much attention has recently been paid to the development of student sports at the state level. A number of documents were adopted aimed at increasing the number of young people involved in sports. This is reflected in the decree on the national development goals of Russia until 2030 and the concept for the development of children’s and youth sports in the Russian Federation until 2030.

Bugaev stressed that today it is very important to promote a healthy lifestyle, the development of physical culture and mass sports. And in this matter, a huge role is assigned to student sports clubs. According to Alexander Bugaev, at the moment the register of student sports clubs of colleges and technical schools is being formed. About 200,000 sports clubs have already been entered into the register.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reportedthat 3600 sports clubs on the basis of colleges should appear in our country. They are expected to be involved in a wide network of competitions.

As explained in the Ministry of Education, in Russia there is an orderly system of competitions, coordinated at the federal level, in schools and universities, but it is not in the system of secondary vocational education. Only in some regions it exists at the level of sports days. Therefore, the ministry plans to create a similar system in colleges.