January 4, 2023, 02:43 – Public News Service – OSN

According to the TV channel Digi 24, due to the image of Russian soldiers with military equipment at the annual masquerade in Romanian In the municipality of Berzuntsy, a criminal case was opened against several persons.

The following information is given: “The Police Inspectorate of the Police of Bacau County opened a criminal case, in which they are investigating the fact that during a masquerade in the commune of Berzuntsi, several people dressed as Russian soldiers drove cars with the letter Z imitating military equipment.”

Earlier, the process of searching for six Ukrainian citizens was completed on the territory of Romania. Each of them, bypassing the laws, crossed a section of the border near the Maramuresh mountain range. They tried to hide from the mobilization measures announced in the state.

Illegals lost their way due to a strong blizzard. From the information provided, it follows that two Ukrainian citizens died. Subsequently, the border guards of Romania managed to find the remaining Ukrainians.

It should be recalled that from the start of the confrontation that unfolded in the Ukrainian territories, the border agency managed to count about five thousand Ukrainians who got into the state bypassing their own laws. More about it read in material Public news service.