Ralsko and its bottom bite of Kuvoda always had a bear emblem. Kuvody hndho, kdeto Ralsko ernho. From these two variants, the inhabitants could choose. And darkly 70 percent of the people voted for hndho, explains the appearance of the statue of the mayor of Ralsko Miloslav Tma.

The idea for the statue originated at a time when the growth of roundabouts began before the city council.

We two had a neat but big kiosk, which sometimes caused chaos in people. The traffic engineers of the Liberec Region designed a roundabout here during the reconstruction of the road. At first we were saddened, but today we see that the roundabout slows down traffic in this stop Ralsko and looks positive, describes Darkness.

The inspiration to decorate the roundabout is flooded in the surrounding towns. In Mimona they have various glass statues at the roundabouts, in Stri again the city emblem. And it occurred to us that in the sign of the city we have a bear, sums up the mayor.

The Dumpster.cz studio took over the material. The mayor saw our statue of a wolf, which was created at Bom Dar for the brewery, explains the first collaboration of the head of the studio Matj Matou.

Salt water added the patina

The way to the final soe, which cost about 130 thousand crowns, but was not easy. We used 3D software and then we printed a 3D model. We then filled the CNC laser into individual parts, which we welded, into a CNC machine. We then sanded the statue and sprinkled it with salt water to make it patina. There will be a long way to go, depending on how he will race on it, Matou describes the production.

Although the bear looks dark for real, sharp edges are evident when viewed up close. In the digital environment, it’s a low poly design. Take it, for example, in games. But we can see that it goes into the statues. I find it interesting and I like it, explains the author of the sculpture Tom Babka.

Large, two meters high and two hundred kilogram tk bear, go to the dock of his little brother. He will be 120 centimeters and his role will spew water in the pile park. When the people go to the ad and have to repent, they will be able to enjoy relaxing, the mayor said.