In Pronsk, the new owner of the merchant Vasiliev’s store is restoring a pre-revolutionary building

Novomichurinets Konstantin Zazulin bought the store of the merchant Vasiliev in Pronsk on Gorky Street eight years ago. In Soviet times, a furniture store was located here. And then the building stood abandoned for many years: with a leaky roof and boarded up doors.

Konstantin Valentinovich has long been seriously fascinated by the rich history of Pronsk: earlier he was a member of the regional historical society, participated in the organization of the local history museum, studied original documents in the archives. Knowing the unique past of this building, he decided to save it from final destruction.

Konstantin Zazulin:

“The store of the merchant Vasilyev with an area of ​​​​one hundred squares was built in 1881 of red brick right next to his house. In architectural terms, it is a single complex. The arch between the buildings served as an entrance to the courtyard and united these buildings. In fact, there are many buildings with their own history in this part of Pronsk. For example, the house where the Orlov family now lives belonged to the mayor before the revolution. He miraculously survived, although almost rooted into the ground. A furniture shop is now located in the Vasilyevs’ house itself. And in the Soviet years there was a raipo office here.

Previously, I had fruitful communication with the founder of the Pronsky Museum, Anna Petrovna Gruzintseva – I presented the museum with many current exhibits. Together with Gruzintseva, we tried to save the old merchant houses and the former gendarmerie from demolition. Then they went to the offices of the chiefs and asked not to destroy these historical buildings. But our persuasion was in vain: it is easier to demolish than to build …

With pain in my heart I observe the processes of the current desolation of this ancient town, which is almost nine centuries old. It is evident here: the two-story building of the court and the printing house is collapsing before our eyes, the central park, where a monument to Ilyich was erected on the site of the Kazan Church in the Soviet years, has an unsightly appearance – stumps and broken benches, solid wastelands in the place of demolished houses, instead of road shoulders – mounds and potholes. I don’t want to continue. Frankly, I was afraid that this building would also perish: for eight years I could not start restoration work due to constant flooding of the basement. Without a storm drain, all wastewater accumulates in the basement, fortunately, that it is solid here – two meters high. Previously, after all, they built for centuries … “

It is assumed that after the renovation, the former merchant’s shop will house the office of the charitable foundation. In the meantime, Konstantin Zazulin is engaged in restoring the external appearance of the building on Gorky Square.