In Pronsk, a LADA Vesta car collided with a “nine”, crashed into a pole and rolled over

On Saturday, July 30, at half past eight in the morning, an accident occurred on the Ryazan-Pronsk-Skopin highway on Nizhne-Arkhangelskaya Street. Red LADA Vesta and VAZ-2109 collided.

According to preliminary information, Vesta, trying to overtake the “nine”, first crashed into it, then into a pole and rolled over.

The driver and passengers of the overturned car were able to get out on their own, through the window.

“A red car was moving at a decent speed along a free highway, apparently, it thought that the “nine” would have time to turn left,” eyewitnesses said. But he didn’t manage to avoid a collision. Vesta hooked on the “nine” and flew to the side of the road. The forty-year-old driver of a red passenger car and passengers were born “in a shirt.” It’s good that everyone is alive. Only vehicles were damaged.

Chief Physician of the Novomichurinsk Interdistrict Hospital Natalya Chernitsyna:

“Medics on the spot provided the driver of the overturned car with the necessary assistance. The man’s condition is satisfactory.”