December 17, 2022, 13:53 – Public News Service – OSN

Readers of the Polish newspaper Interia commented on the words of the General Secretary NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

Recall, the Secretary General of the Alliance said that Russia is preparing to lead a protracted conflict in Ukraine.

However, the Poles believe that it is NATO that is interested in prolonging the Ukrainian conflict.

“This is not Putin, but you are preparing Europe for a long war! Where are the peace talks? Nobody talks about them anymore!” – said a commentator with the nickname Polak.

The Piada user, in turn, admitted that “we are fighting to the last Ukrainian, and then the Americans will let the Poles go to waste.”

MOHER believes that the conflict is beneficial primarily to “arms manufacturers and political elites who make money from it.”

“NATO is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians. The alliance provoked this war in the interests of the United States,” summed up one of the commentators.

Recall that on February 24, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in his address to the citizens of the Russian Federation, announced the start of a military special operation in the Donbass. He stressed that Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Kyiv, but it will strive with all its might to demilitarize Ukraine.

Earlier, Alexei Podberezkin, director of the Center for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO, named possible dates for the completion of the special operation in Ukraine. Read more about this in material Public news service.