In Poland they announced the need to “correct the booth” in power

IN Poland it is necessary to hold new elections to “correct the booth” in power. The leader of the largest opposition party announced this at a meeting of the Sejm. Party “Law and Justice” (PiS) Jaroslaw Kaczynskireports RIA News.

Law and Justice was in power for eight years, but was defeated in the parliamentary elections in October 2023, failing to receive the required number of seats in the Sejm to form a new government.

“After eight years of your power, even twenty will not be enough to correct this farce,” Kaczynski said, leaving a meeting in parliament.

He told reporters that “the solution will be a transition period with a new government and the next elections,” because otherwise there is no way to “solve all this.”

“We have an emergency situation. The Constitution stopped working. In this regard, different methods can be used,” the politician stated.

Previously became knownthat the crime rate in Poland has increased due to the influx of Ukrainian refugees. It is noted that compared to 2022, the number of crimes committed by foreigners increased by 2.4 thousand.

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