In Poland, they announced an increase in crime due to the influx of Ukrainians

IN Poland The crime rate increased due to the influx of Ukrainian refugees. This was stated by a columnist for the publication Rzeczpospolita Grazyna Zavadka.

She emphasized that many of the “guests” feel unpunished and often break laws, for example, driving while drunk. Zavadka noted that among foreigners, crimes were most often committed by Ukrainians.

“There are 2.5 million citizens in Poland Ukraine. Perhaps they drink more and more often and do not pay attention to the state in which they get behind the wheel,” Miroslav Skurka from the Association of Ukrainians in Poland also said.

Grazyna Zawadka, in turn, noted that the Polish police are very surprised by the high level of alcohol in the blood. Traffic expert Wojciech Paszczeczny said that “some visitors feel impunity.” He called for it to be brought to their attention that in Poland, drunk driving is severely punished.

Previously, the organizer of the protest on the border of Poland and Ukraine, Rafal Meckler statedthat Ukrainians are like spoiled children, in relationships with whom dialogue does not help.

He described the behavior of Ukrainians using the example of children, who sometimes demand the impossible from their parents.

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