For decades, experts have revamped Okinawa to uncover the secrets of its longevity. Mostly agree that it is a combination of a lively diet and regular exercise. Today, however, it is me.

While the Japanese population is living up to two at any time, Okinawan is starting to die two. In 1980, the prefecture had the average life expectancy for both sexes, namely 84 years in the case and 90 years in the case.

Only a prominent record did not last. In 1990, he had an average life expectancy in Okinawa and five of the 47 most prefectures in Japan, and by 2020 it had dropped to 36th. Okinawan women were at the top of the list by 2005, and in 2020 they moved to seven cities.

Fast food, more movement and more

The life expectancy of the people of Okinawa is rapidly declining. Let us assume that the problem is that the young people could not follow in the footsteps of two generations, German wave (DW) Eighty-eight-year-old cardiologist Makoto Suzuki, just a stab at the hospital and is the founder of the Okinawan Longevity Research Center.

Okinawt mui now live at the age of 80, then 87 years. For comparison, in the Czech Republic it is 76 years for men and 82 years for women.

The people of Okinawa are now influenced by other companies, especially in the United States, in their food and lifestyle choices, Suzuki said. People have had a fast-paced culture and live in television, you think.

The Okinawan diet usually included lots of local vegetables and fruits, tofu, fish and meat in just small portions. When I was a boy, we had meat about once a week. And this custom is still to this day, Suzuki said, according to which the city two moved so much.

The traditional Japanese food is firm and unpreserved. It contains only little refined food or sugar. Fish and fish are traditionally represented in the Japanese diet, which plays a significant role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Japanese have one of least equal to obesity on svt. Nrod consumes a wide range of vegetables, both ground and mosquito in the form of. These are fully healthy minerals.

Dleit is the meaning of life

So I think the concept of ikigai, especially for the elderly, is important to our lives, said Suzuki, referring to the Japanese concept of meaning in life, which can be simply described as a reason to get out of bed. My job at the hospital is my ikigai. It’s for me to help people, me.

With the fact that external influences had a negative impact on the well-being of the islanders, so agreed Tomoko Owanov from the Faculty of Medicine at Rykyan University.

Okinawa is known as a city where people go to old age, but it began to change in the years after the wolf. The people from Zmo moved here and brought their own culture with them. The townspeople have slowly mingled with these new peddlers and our food and traditions have changed, Owanov said.

As an essential view, there is also a change in the pace of life. It was an island society in which family and community lived. People have had more peace and stress in the past. Many Okinawan have now embraced a hasty approach to life, saying the growing workload is leading people to have more time for family, love, rest and end.

Despite the declining average life expectancy, according to DW, the young generation of Okinawan is nevertheless satisfied with its current way of life. This is a modern Japanese style of life. I grew up like this and it’s comfortable for me, even though sometimes I get busy, think nine-year-old hei Kohagura, just working in a travel agency.