In Novomichurinsk, the beach was cleaned and approached the implementation of the Park-Coast project

On May 6, heavy equipment was noisy on the beach in Novomichurinsk from eight in the morning and people were working with rakes and brooms. The city administration organized the cleaning of the territory from garbage. And most importantly – from the giant stumps of half-century trees. They were cut down, and the roots uprooted in the winter. Everything is in accordance with the Park-Bereg beautification project. Recall that he won the All-Russian competition of projects for a comfortable urban environment in small towns.

Evgeniy Egorov and Mikhail Pavlov from the Pronsk Heating Networks are headed by the director Vadim Fraevich. Anatoly Davydov, director of the Pronsk Electric Networks, and his subordinates: Dmitry Davydov and Vladimir Chubukov are also here.

The city administration team is almost at full strength. Employees of the city improvement agency and Alexei Kuzmenko himself, of course, are also on the beach today. As well as men from the district administration. These are deputy heads Andrey Ilyichev, Sergey Merkulov, Andrey Kochuykov, Alexander Zhavoronkov and, of course, head Alexander Shastitko.

“In every business, everyone has their own tasks,” says Alexander Petrovich. – Our business with Igor Kiryanov is to organize today’s work. – I want to thank everyone who responded and works together. Mikhail Misakyan allocated a loader, and Vagharshak Hakobyan uses it to remove stumps and branches. Alexey Ryazantsev and Alexey Marochkin helped a lot with the technique, thanks to them for that; The Park Coast project is a common cause.