In Novomichurinsk, fishermen dragged the body of a man ashore

In Novomichurinsk, fishermen dragged the corpse of a man ashore. On May 7, at the beginning of the second hour of the day, fishermen noticed a man floating in the water near the pontoon bridge.

“We were walking along the beach and saw a small black dog. She barked very loudly towards the water and ran along the shore, – says an eyewitness. “Then we realized that something was going on in the water. Two fishermen first dragged the man – he was in clothes – into the boat. They took him to the beach and called an ambulance and the police. Then the ambulance left, but the police remained.”

The man did not need help, he was already dead. Presumably, the elderly man became ill, and he fell into the water from the bridge.