This summer, young residents of Nizhny Tagil will earn less than their parents expected. The mayor’s teams are working in a reduced format: not four weeks, as it was before, but three. This was done in order to issue a salary according to the updated minimum wage.

As the parents of schoolchildren told the Vse Novosti news agency, this summer their children earned less than usual, and work shifts became shorter by a week. If last year teenagers could receive about 9.5 thousand rubles, now a little more than 6.5 thousand.

“We learned that the city has no money to pay for the new minimum wage. As we were told, a minimum of 2021 was laid and the children will work for less than a month, ”said Tagil residents.

The press service of the mayor’s office confirmed that shifts really had to be reduced. In 2022, 9 million rubles were allocated from the local budget for the organization of labor groups of the mayor, based on a minimum salary of 13,890 rubles. It was planned to accommodate at least 650 teenagers. But in June, the minimum wage in Russia was increased for the second time – up to 15,279 rubles. In order to maintain the number of vacancies, we decided to reduce the working period in July and August.

“Changes in the number of work shifts did not violate the labor rights of minors, since children work under a fixed-term employment contract and the employer, represented by the City Youth Palace, has the right to approve the term of work, based on the possibilities and needs in the amount of work. Remuneration of members of the detachments is carried out in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and current legislation, in proportion to the time worked and directly depends on the minimum wage. Minors receive wages for the time actually worked, ”the press service of the mayor’s office said.

Having reduced the length of the working period, they continued in the city administration, managed to arrange more children than expected. By August 1, the planned number had grown to 680 people. Also, in addition to the salary for the time worked, the guys will receive 1,836 rubles as material support from the Nizhny Tagil Employment Center.

It is not easy to get into the mayor’s squads, every year the demand exceeds the supply. Parents try to arrange their children so that they can use their time during the holidays and receive their first personal money. Adolescents from 14 to 17 years old can become a member of the detachment, children from socially disadvantaged, low-income, single-parent families are in priority. They sign contracts with everyone, draw up work books. The working day lasts four hours. Children participate in the improvement of parks and squares, cleaning territories and premises.

Most cities in the Sverdlovsk region have long been using the practice of part-time work. In Severouralsk, children work 2 weeks, in Turinsk – from 5 to 10 working days, in the Kirovgrad city district – 5 work shifts.