Nizhny Tagil railway workers have put in order the legendary steam locomotive of the L-1635 series (“Lebedyanka”), which is permanently parked near the bus station. This was reported in the press service of the Sverdlovsk Railway.

The railwaymen strengthened the pedestal on which the locomotive is located, replaced the destroyed marble and granite slabs, updated the inscriptions on the memorial plaque and side surfaces. They also restored the damaged elements of the cabin and outer skin of the locomotive, glazed buffer lights and searchlights. The body of the steam engine was painted with alkyd-urethane enamel. In 2023, the railway workers promise plans to highlight the monument.

In addition, the workers of the Sverdlovsk Railway cleared the right of way within the boundaries of Nizhny Tagil station from debris and vegetation, repaired the facades of office buildings, painted the curbs of the platform, platforms and footpaths, platform supports of the contact network and elements of the pedestrian bridge across the tracks.

Repair steam engine agreed at a recent meeting, the head of the Sverdlovsk railway, Ivan Kolesnikov, and the mayor, Vladislav Pinaev. Over time, the railroad promises to continue to maintain the infrastructure of the station. The plans include changing the signboard, creating green areas and other landscaping. All architectural solutions will try to bring them stylistically closer to what was done on the territory, which was recently received the name “Square of labor valor”.

The steam locomotive of the L-1635 (“Lebedyanka”) series, manufactured in 1955, was brought to the Urals from Tashkent and installed in an eternal parking lot on the way to the bus station in 1983. The car is named after its creator, designer Lev Lebedyansky. In the Nizhny Tagil region of the Sverdlovsk Railway, such equipment was used until 1976, and one copy worked at the San Donato station until the early 80s.

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