In Nizhny Tagil, a crowd of teenagers beat four peers, and everything that happened was filmed on camera. The incident occurred the day before on the court in the courtyard of the house number 63 on Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

According to eyewitnesses, schoolchildren forced their opponents to their knees, spat at them and kicked them. One of the boys fell from the blows and lost consciousness for a while.

“Fifteen people for four guys! When the guys arrived, the crowd forced them to go to the courtyard of a residential building. Started [бить] them. Guys, to make it all stop, they wanted to apologize. But they were put on their knees and continued to be beaten, ”witnesses told the Nizhny Tagil Incident public VKontakte.

The mass brawl, teenagers familiar with the situation say, occurred due to the fact that one of the four guys allegedly stole an electronic cigarette from one of the offenders. The schoolchildren called their friends to talk about this, but when the latter came, they were attacked with fists. The beating was filmed under the approving comments. None of the parties to the conflict has yet contacted the police.

“The published information will be registered in accordance with the established procedure, verification activities will be organized on them in order to establish the identity of the participants in the fight and its causes. Based on the results of the work of district police officers and juvenile inspectors, he will make an informed procedural decision, ”said Valery Gorelykh, head of the press service of the regional main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Conflict video: E1

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