This season, 27 people were bitten by snakes in the Sverdlovsk region, the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor reported. Within Yekaterinburg, 10 cases were registered, four in Nizhny Tagil, three each in Krasnoufimsky, Kamensky districts and Pervouralsk. Eight were attacked by poisonous vipers.

Among the victims are two children, nine people aged 18-35, the rest are older than 36. All patients have already been discharged, there is no threat to their lives.

Mostly harmless snakes and dangerous vipers live in the Urals. Venomous snakes can be identified by bright yellow, orange, or white spots on their heads. The viper has a “neck”. An X-shaped pattern is often clearly visible on the head. A poisonous viper, both in the forest and in the garden, can most often be found in the heat. During the day, she likes to “sunbathe” on logs, stumps and stones, and hunts at night. Usually lives in thickets of grass, under uprooted stumps, rotten trees.

Snakes love places where it’s humid, and strive closer to “civilization”: they can settle in sheds, basements, heaps of garbage, cracks in the walls of houses, haystacks. Hunt during the day. Although these snakes are considered harmless, they should not be picked up: firstly, they can be confused with a viper, and secondly, when defending themselves, they secrete a protective fetid liquid.

To protect yourself from reptiles, you need to eliminate heaps of brushwood, dismantle the rubble from old buildings and remove construction debris from the site, mow the grass often and shortly. It is believed that the snakes are unnerved by knocking on the ground. For example, a homemade scarecrow with hangers will help.

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