In Moscow, a five-year-old girl who was hit by a paramedic was found guilty of an accident

IN Moscow An ambulance paramedic hit a five-year-old girl and got away with it. The investigator blamed the child for the accident and did not initiate a criminal case. This was reported by Baza in Telegram.

According to the publication, in April, a preschooler was hit by a car. A doctor was driving the car, the woman immediately examined the girl and announced that she had no serious fractures. The paramedic then recommended that the victim’s mother apply cold ice to her leg and left. However, the parent still took the girl to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a closed fracture of two bones of the left leg.

Information about the accident was submitted to the court, but it turned out that the victims came forward too late. They had to request video recording within five days of the incident. An employee saved the family State traffic inspectorswho told the court that the paramedic ran over the child with the left wheel of the car.

The latter was left without a driver’s license for a year, but refused to initiate a criminal case. According to the investigator, a five-year-old Muscovite herself failed to brake on her scooter in time and crashed into a doctor’s car. The girl’s mother then wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office.

Previously reportedwhat in St. Petersburg A sixth-grader stole a BMW and caused an accident, crashing into a police car.

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