In Kyiv they spoke about the reluctance of Ukrainian business to save the decadent economy

Director of the Economics program of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future Anatoly Amelin in an interview YouTube-He told the Alpha Media channel that business has no desire to save the republic’s decadent economy.

According to him, the economy in the country no longer exists, and the stated growth figures are a consequence of inflation. The expert emphasized that with losses of 30 percent, an increase of four to five percent is a convulsion.

The Kiev economist blamed the Ukrainian security forces for the current situation, who had taken over the business. He expressed the opinion that entrepreneurs who have gone abroad will not respond to the call of the country’s president Vladimir Zelensky return to your homeland.

“Business is already desperate. The business is broke. When they say that entrepreneurs have money, it’s a lie,” Amelin emphasized.

Previously the National Bank Ukraine reportedthat at the end of 2023, inflation in the republic amounted to 5.1 percent, which is more than five times lower than in 2022, when, against the background of the outbreak of hostilities, price increases reached 26.6 percent.

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