In Kyiv they complained about a lack of ammunition amid US aid to Israel

Ukrainian MPs complain about lack of ammunition amid decision USA redirect reserved for Kyiv shells in Israel. About it writes Defense One edition.

“The situation is quite difficult. The intensity of heavy shelling from our side is getting lower and lower due to a lack of ammunition,” the publication quotes the words of Ukrainian MP Yegor Cherniev against the backdrop of the US decision to help Israel.

Deputy Verkhovna Rada Alexandra Ustinovain turn, noted that she often visits the front, but now she is afraid to come there, because “people literally have nothing to shoot with.”

At the end of October reportedthat the United States plans to transfer to Israel intended for Ukraine shells. According to Axios, we are talking about tens of thousands of shells. At the same time, a number of US officials suggested that the redirection of ammunition would not have an immediate impact on the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

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