Two yards will be repaired in Korablin and a parking lot will be made

Yards are being repaired at 19 and 21 Mayakovsky Street in Korablin. A team of workers removes the old coating, installs a curb. Then the asphalt will be laid.

Vyacheslav Ermakov, head of the city administration:

“We have a schedule for the repair of courtyard areas. The first in line were the yards on Mayakovsky. We plan to carry out their comprehensive improvement this time. We will repair not only the yard areas, but also the parking lot. The repair timeline was slightly delayed due to the changes made. We will install curbs everywhere – in the yards and in the parking lot.”

Maxim Kormachev, foreman IP “Zhuravlev”:

“Most of the work is with the curb. It is necessary to calculate the slopes so that there are no puddles on the new surface. The old road was low, so when it rained, all the water and dirt flowed onto it. We raise it by 15-20 centimeters. If nothing gets in the way, we’ll manage in a week.”

According to Vyacheslav Ermakov, 17 yards are in need of repair. Taking into account the two yards on Mayakovsky, five will be repaired so far. Repairs are being funded from the city budget. When the opportunity arises, work will continue in other yards.