In Kistenev, Chuchkovsky district, a family of pensioners was left homeless after a fire

On May 9, a house caught fire in the village of Kistenevo, Chuchkovsky district. At that time, the owners were in it. The first to notice the smoke from the annex was a girl passing by. She ran into the house and warned the owners.

Neighbors said that the residents quickly began to collect things, but saved almost nothing, except for the TV. The house was on fire from the inside. Now pensioners have nowhere to live.

The granddaughter of the fire victims turned to the regional newspaper. She asked caring people to respond and help in any way they could.

As reported in Chuchkovskaya PSCH-47, on May 9 at 13.51 a signal was received by the duty unit. Three crews immediately went to the scene of the fire. By the time firefighters arrived, half of the house was already on fire. According to them, the residents tried to put out the fire on their own and called the firefighters late. Together, only the walls were saved.

According to the preliminary version, the fire started from under the roof. The cause of the fire is being established.