For Adam Jgrik, with whom we have great potency for the future in the dark, we pulled Petr Janota out of the youth, said FC Vacoina sports manager Luk Vaculk. After all, he will gain experience. And we will want to make at least one goal, which will be of sufficient quality to keep Jgrik on his heels and fight with him for the post of team members, he added.

Who will be the one? He decides between Jgrik and Soukup

Therefore, Pavel Soukup spoke to Jan Kamenek at Monday afternoon’s market. Twenty-seven-year-old glman, only in the past in Jihlava, worked and caught several fights for the then tetanigous reserve of FC Vysoina, the last time he caught the ikov.

The current changes in the Jihlava football players

Michal Lancman,
brank (21)
Ludk Vejmola, brank (27)
Dvid Krk, stopper (22)
Tom Vlek, stopper (21)
Maty Psaka, armor (25)
Tijani Belaid, zlonk (34)
Adam Ritter, zlonk (20)
Luk Musil, zlonk (21)
Luis Arroyo, tonk (26)

Pavel Soukup,
brank (27)
Petr Janota, brank (21)
Milan Piko, stopper (26)
Daniel Jik, armor (18)
Miroslav Kehlk, zlonk (19)
Jan Vtek, zlonk (18)
Marvis Ogiomade, kdelnk (21)

Let’s see how the situation in the preparations develops. But let’s assume that the goal is up to Jan Kamenk in Jihlava. He will now have a week to determine the unit.

Who’s going to catch? That, of course, Kamenk does not want to anticipate his situation. Adam has a coincidence that he caught the last five rounds in the very sun. In addition, he has been with them for a long time. On the other hand, Pavel comes with his experience, remembering the current 29 starts and 7 certain accounts in the second league. We now have seven walks ahead of us, so let’s see how the situation develops. We will decide and at the end of the preparation.

Piko, Jihlava wants Vlko to win

The situation is now inconspicuous in the defenses from which the tracks left immediately. Dvid Krk, only in Jihlava in the spring hosted from Liptovsky Mikule, did not agree on Vysoin on financial evaluation. Tom Vlk pulled Slavia from the inn and Maty Psak did not want to continue to Vysoin.

We responded quickly to these departures. I wanted to find an adequate replacement on the market as soon as possible, for sports manager Luk Vaculk, he just agreed with Milan Pik. twenty-four-year-old bek pichz from the Sparta reserve reserve.

We had a nice winter in Milan, Vaculk revealed. It is a quality stopper that gives me league parameters. Bohuel took the first moment, when he was 21, 22, to get to the top competition. It didn’t work out for him there, I’m going to the Jihlava club. Nevertheless, I think that Sparta did a good job.

Jihlava would like to come from Slavia. We still talk about Tom Vlk. We wish it to continue with us. I have to honor that if we could get him, it would be a reinforcement for us, to Vaculk. I think he has given a great year for two years here to make significant progress.

A moment from

The bag was not even sent out. Jihlava is still looking for a suitable addition. It will take a long time because we want to repent for what we would like. Let’s not just choose a sweat game, but we would rarely bring one or two games that should be clearly included in the stock set, Vaculk.

Vysoina doesn’t need to test a foreign game at this time. We are always open to these possibilities, but I do not pass the exams today. Mon during autumn. But it would have to be the post where we put the boot, to Vaculk.

Nevertheless, it seems that Jihlava will bring a game with African origins to the existing foreigners Kypan Irodot, Senegalese Tall and Aroujo Wilson from Trinidad and Tobago. Nigerian boxer Marvis Amadin Ogiomade is currently in arrest.

The 21-year-old footballer, who plays Bohemians Praha, was a guest in St nad Labem (24 return, 3 gly). It’s an offensive game. He made a good impression on us, he praises the possible reinforcement of the Kamenk offensive.

Right? Five against the first league

A very attractive team for the summer training was chosen by FC Vysoina, the second-league football player in Jihlava. Immediately from the total of seven cases, Jan Kamenko is looking dark to face the darkness of the highest competition. We wanted it that way, because we need someone to take us to Kamenk.

We wanted to play a type of match that will have some kindness for the game. And so, in addition to the ikas (FL) and Chrudim (FNL), we play against the tmm leagues, Jihlava continues.

His sailors will gradually clash with Pardubice, Sigma Olomouc, Mladá Boleslav, Hradec Krlov and, within the general team, with the new Fortuna League from Brno. We are happy to be with them, says Kamenk.

Jan Kamenk leads the training of Jihlava footballers.

The only flaw in the neck from the point of view of a Jihlava fan is the fact that even with one of the first league teams, Vysoina will not introduce himself in the home environment. Due to the reconstruction of the main area at the stadium in Jirskov Street and so the area down to Modet, where the new Tartans took place, we will have to walk, explains Kamenk.

So we play the duel halfway through, at Humpolec, the water test with the new FL mentions. This will be especially spicy for the (old) new goal of FC Vysoin by Pavel Soukup, who is returning to Jihlava with the first of Podik’s post.