The popular Colombian singer Camilo got a call from his wife, the singer Evaluna Montaner, while he was in full concert.

The interpreter of ‘Vida de Rico’ was offering his show in the middle of his tour and this time it was the turn of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in Mexico. There, moments before interpreting the song that they composed in recognition of the arrival of their first-born, he received a video call from Ricardo Montaner’s daughter, who showed one of the cameras that collects each of the moments that the artist stars on stage , showing the progress of your pregnancy.

“Good night Camilo, good night Monterrey,” Evaluna is heard saying, while the audience goes crazy with screams. At that moment, the artist greets his partner and says:

“My love, is that this call makes me very because I wanted to know how you were and I wanted to know how Indigo was.”

On the screens located in different spaces of the stage, you can see how Evaluna stands up and shows her advanced state of pregnancy and again the audience goes crazy with the images they were appreciating and says:

“We are very well, missing you very much, delighted to be there singing with you my love,” replied Evaluna. At that moment, Camilo tells his wife that he was preparing to perform the musical success but that he did not want to do it “alone.”

The reactions to this emotional moment did not take long to appear, as the entertainment portal ‘Rastreando Famosos’ was in charge of replicating the content that quickly went viral and already reaches 43,000 views and exceeds 1,600 ‘likes’.

Some of the comments that rest in the publication are:

“How lazy that they do not keep anything for their privacy, beautiful that one is loved but not at that level”, “People criticize everything, but I support this type of gestures more than anything else”, “Love is so cute when it is so pure and loyal “,” What marshmallows “,” Too toxic “,” That’s pure marketing, ugly thing to monetize feelings “, among other comments on social networks