In Europe, they described the situation on the Finnish border with the phrase “the worst is yet to come”

In Europe they believe that the situation with refugees on the Finnish-Russian border will worsen. This is the opinion in a conversation with the publication Yle expressed by Maciej Duszczyk, a professor at the University of Warsaw and a migration specialist.

The source described what was happening at border checkpoints with the phrase “the worst is yet to come.” A Polish researcher has warned that migrants will soon start arriving in Finland not only through official border crossings, but also through difficult northern forests.

At the same time, the European blamed what was happening Russia. “Finland should be very prepared for further provocations. This is a hybrid war, and Russia will not stop,” he said. Duschik also admitted that in this way Russia could try to influence the elections.

The Polish professor added that accompanying migrants is supposedly a source of income for Russia and Belarus. “May be, [это выгодно] not directly to the administration, but to airlines, hotels Moscow and other cities, universities that provide student visas,” Duszczyk said.

Previously, the Finnish authorities stated about readiness to close all remaining checkpoints on the land border with Russia due to the uncontrolled flow of refugees from third countries. This is the position in the Kremlin considered Russophobic.

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