The operation lasted more than 10 hours, during which all the vessels were sewn.

Mother next to the wounded son-fighter.  More than 10 hours saved his life / photo

in the Dnepropetrovsk regional hospital named after Mechnikov saved the life of 28-year-old Ukrainian military Andrey. He had many complex injuries and a lot of blood loss.

As he said in his Facebook General Director of the Mechnikov Hospital Sergey Ryzhenko, the fighter was blown up by a mine.

“Bruise of the brain, injuries of the soft tissues of the neck, laceration of the submandibular region, fracture of the right maxillary sinus with the presence of a foreign body. Tracheotomy. All in an avalanche of foggy dreams. The largest fragment hit the spine, damaging the carotid artery,” the doctor said about the injuries.

The operation lasted more than 10 hours, during which all the vessels and wounds were sewn.

“Yesterday they took him off the ventilator. Only the happy shine of my mother’s tears says everything, she will live. The two of them are happy today …” the doctor added.

Miraculous rescue of a soldier wounded in the head in the Mechnikov hospital

Previously to the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro delivered a fighter with a serious wound. Neurosurgeons performed a complex operation and saved his life.

“He was wounded near Avdiivka. A severe penetrating craniocerebral injury, intracerebral hemorrhage of the frontal-temporal-parietal region. A metal fragment cut through the bones of the skull, passed through the brain. The operation was difficult, like on a knife blade,” said the head physician of the hospital Sergey Ryzhenko.

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