In Crimea they wanted to nationalize the Sofia Rotaru Hotel

IN Crimea gathered to consider the issue of nationalization of a hotel in Yalta owned by a Soviet and Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. This is reported by RIA News with reference to the Chairman of the State Council (Parliament) of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov.

Owning real estate does not make the singer a Crimean, the head of the State Council explained. The singer, according to him, did not share the position of the republic on a number of significant issues and did not make a positive contribution to its functioning.

According to Konstantinov, the anti-terrorist commission continues to function in the republic. Details of its work are not disclosed until specific decisions are made, he said.

About the fact that the Rotaru Hotel is in the center of Yalta conceived nationalize and sell at auction, it became known in early November. According to the Mash Telegram channel, the singer knows about this and is going to sell the building herself at auction. It is noted that at first Rotaru did not want to give up her property at a low price and transferred the property to her son. However, rumors about nationalization forced her to reconsider her approach, after which realtors began calling potential buyers with an offer to bargain.

Former director and music producer of the artist Sergey Lavrov believes “a small miscalculation” is that the singer created the object for herself. It does not have a separate entrance, territory or swimming pool, and the internal contents turned out to be very expensive, he said.

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