In Chuchkovo, the Airborne Forces Day was celebrated by laying flowers at the memorial and a concert

On August 2, former servicemen of paratrooper unit No. 54607, which had been stationed in the area for 40 years, traditionally gathered at the memorial to paratroopers in the village of Chuchkovo. Former and current soldiers of the “winged infantry” arrived.

After congratulations, a minute of silence and laying flowers at the memorial, the solemn part was continued by a concert program. Local amateur artists performed in an open area not far from high-rise buildings.


Alexey Kondrashov, head of the district administration:

“Dear paratroopers, dear veterans of the Airborne Forces! Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation!

The landing troops are the pride of our army. This is a real school of courage that teaches young people to be faithful to the military brotherhood and carefully preserve military traditions. The airborne troops have written many bright pages in the history of the Russian army. No wonder they are considered the elite of the Russian army.

With all my heart I wish the paratroopers and veterans of the Airborne Forces good health, happiness, prosperity and a peaceful sky above their heads!

Margarita Fomina, former soldier of the 16th Separate Special Forces Brigade of the Airborne Forces:

“Combat brotherhood is indestructible. 19 years have passed since our unit was disbanded. Most of my colleagues are now retired, some are no longer alive. Many have left for Russia. But still, on our day, we all gather to bow to the comrades who laid down their lives in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Tajikistan and other “hot spots”. This is our sacred duty. Today, many came with children. So, the tradition will be, who will continue.

Thanks to the cultural workers and the administration for the concert and the meeting, for the festive table. Thank you for the disturbed memory. I really want the elite troops of Russia to always remain in honor. To make the country proud of our paratroopers.”