December 18, 2022, 09:40 – Public News Service – OSN

In City Clinical Hospital No. 9 of Chelyabinsk, they find out the reasons and circumstances of death women at 38 weeks pregnant. It is reported that the patient was taken to the hospital with complaints of weakness and high fever. However, she died a few hours later. This is reported by

Relatives of the deceased said that this was the third pregnancy of a 26-year-old woman. When the pregnant woman felt unwell, she called an ambulance, she was hospitalized in hospital and left under observation doctors.

“She was brought at 13:30, we called up until 17:30. In the hospital, she was given a pill for fever, took tests and put on a drip. On examination, they said that everything was fine with her, and with the child too. After 6:00 pm, she stopped answering calls. We call the hospital, where they say that she is likely to give birth. At 21:10, the doctor said that his daughter and grandson were dead, ”the mother of the deceased shared.

It is reported that the elderly woman is going to appeal to the Investigative Committee. In the regional Ministry of Health commented on the death of a Russian woman:

“A case of a fatal outcome of a 26-year-old patient, according to clinical data, was registered, associated with the development of a sudden uncontrolled pregnancy complication.”

Earlier it became known that in Baltiysk a three-month-old child suddenly died under unclear circumstances. Read more in the material Public News Service.