On the basis of the sports school of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, the first school for gamers in the regional center began to work.

Photo: pexels.com

The enrollment of students in four groups is already open. According to the results of the competition for free education, 40 people will be enrolled, reports 31TV.ru.

The requirements for teenagers who want to become professional gamers are quite serious: schoolchildren must fulfill the TRP standards and pass tests in cyber disciplines. The training program at the cybersport school is based on the federal standard.

In the curriculum, a large place is occupied by physical training lessons, which are devoted to a third of the total time allotted for mastering the course. The rest of the time, the guys will attend classes in cyber disciplines. Classes will start after the winter break.

Upon graduation, school graduates will be able to receive a sports category or master the profession of an e-sports coach. Currently, about 20 thousand South Ural teenagers visit game clubs every month. Earlier, the Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication reported that for the first time in Russia, South Ural State University opened full-time courses of professional retraining in the specialty “instructor in computer sports”.

In addition, it was reported that in Russia starts an intensive educational program in the field of games for high school students. Scientists conducted a scientific experiment involving child gamers and made sure that games develop their brain activity and positively affect cognitive abilities.