The customs officers of the Office for Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking in the Ruse Customs Trade House, the other day, at the Dunav Most checkpoint seized 51 kg of heroin.

According to, the customs officers of the Department for Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking in the Customs House of Ruse, the other day, at the Dunav Bridge checkpoint seized 51 kg of heroin. This was reported in the press service of TD Customs.

The case of June 16, when at about 23:30 near the border crossing point Dunav bridge Vidin, customs officers stopped a car heading for Western Europe for inspection. The driver and his companion stated that they were not transporting excisable or illegal goods.

During the x-ray inspection, customs officers noticed an area of ​​increased density under the front row of seats. The car was taken to the hall for a thorough customs inspection, during which a double floor was discovered. After dismantling the front right seat, a cache was found. In it, behind a folded grey-and-black bag, were found numerous white bags wrapped in transparent tape, with a paper label attached to them with a black graphic eagle logo. Under the driver’s seat, customs officers found another cache with the same white bags. During a field doping test, the substance reacted to heroin. In total, 100 packages were seized, which contained 51.095 kg of the potent narcotic substance heroin.

The driver of the car is 48-year-old T.K. prosecuted, interrogated as an accused and detained.

The committed act is grave within the meaning of the Criminal Code. For him, the law provides for punishment in the form of “imprisonment” for a period of 10 to 15 years and a “fine” in the amount of 100,000 to 200,000 leva.

Today, at the request of the prosecutor’s office of the Vidinsky district, the court adopted a preventive measure “detention” in relation to T.K., who was brought in as an accused of committing a crime under Art. 242, para. 2 above Art. 18, par. 1 of the Criminal Code of Bulgaria.

The court accepted the arguments of the prosecution that at this stage of the pre-trial proceedings, it is possible to make a reasonable assumption about the authorship of the crime from the collected evidence. There is a real risk that the accused will abscond or commit a crime.

The investigation continues under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office of the Vidin region.

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