The view of the bon wall of the Husovick Sokolovna covered with advertising inscriptions was revealed to Bran after the neighboring house was demolished last year due to the construction of the Great Municipal Circuit.

It turned out that the advertisement came from the 1930s and the contemporaries did not have a day. The different shape of the advertising area was caused by the fact that it copied the name of the house standing next to it, which was replaced by the building. He covered all the writings.

Gradually, it was found that they referred to various goods stores and a pub in Sokolovn. The largest and most graphically diverse lot belonged to the seller of aluminum furniture. The top advertisement remained a mystery for a long time, then only the torso remained, which was protected by the roof of the distant house.

With branching patterns, the comparative development of fonts and historical background, it was possible to complete the form of this advertisement as well. Above was the inscription ALPA in red on a red field, in its golden base was the black inscription MENTHOLOV FRANCOVKA. Underneath this, the blue inscription OTUUJE on a black background, and based on the Alpa slogan of the time, it is most likely that the word SVALY was the word, revealed the mayor of the municipality of Brno-sever, where the remarkable land is located, Martin Malek (SOL).

Therefore, the last link remained, namely the company that created the ads. Only the inscription INSERCE-REKLAMA-KLE has been preserved. This mystery was finally solved by Lucie Kubov, an employee Museums of the city of Brno (MMB) and administrator of the Internet encyclopedia djin Brno.

In the archives, the company Franz Kleka from Ceylon was found, who is the likely author of this incredibly well-preserved advertising work. For Frantik Kleka, it must have been one of his last realizations, because after 1933, due to his advanced age, he abandoned his craft and went to a well-deserved rest. He did not enjoy his senior year much, he died in 1937, Barbora Kachlov from MMB informed.

the disease that caused a stir in Brno no longer exists, but it will not disappear either. Sokolov decided that after the house was insulated, they would put a lot of replicas of advertisements on its wall. Now you’ll find yourself in revenge.

After warming up, there is a need for a technological break, and the team estimates a month to work on advertising. In theory, the arrest could be done, Maleek estimates.