Another case in a series of arrests for Ukrainian symbols.

Anastasia Zryachikh was detained for a yellow-and-blue ribbon, which she attached to the front pocket of her jacket on her chest, writes OVD-Info (included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of foreign agents). This publication was told by the girl herself, who was taken to the police department in the Basmanny district.

According to the detainee, the police were called by an employee of the business center. The girl came to the office to replace a colleague at work. It is not known where Anastasia is now and whether they began to draw up a protocol for her.

Recently it became known that during the uncoordinated March actions in the center of Moscow, a man was detained who was wearing blue and yellow sneakers – the shoes were considered “a means of agitation”. As the detainee’s lawyer reported at the time, the man was fined 10,000 rubles. The fine is going to be appealed.

Most likely, the yellow-blue ribbon on the chest could also be considered a “means of agitation”. What is logical in our time, when “deukrainize» even sandboxes.