In Austria, a pensioner tore off his shirt during parliamentary hearings

IN Austria A pensioner briefly interrupted hearings in the national parliament on the draft budget, tearing his shirt and shouting that it was the last thing he had left after a trip to the supermarket. This is reported by RIA News.

“You took off my last shirt! This is all that I have left as a recipient of a minimum pension after going to the supermarket,” the pensioner exclaimed, interrupting the report of August Weginger, a deputy from the ruling Austrian People’s Party.

The man was escorted out by parliament security, after which the hearing continued. After some time, the Change party stated that the incident was organized by its activists to draw attention to the current economic situation in the country.

The pensioner himself noted that he was applauded during the action and promised to return to parliament again.

Formerly President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen hit in the scandal with the president’s dog Moldova Maia Sandu. The dog, named Codruc, bit the Austrian leader when he tried to pet him. The incident occurred after a meeting between the two leaders in Chisinauat that moment they were walking in the courtyard of the Moldovan Presidential Administration building.

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