The swimming pool cover should be modern and more distinctive than the current pool. The study, which will be created this year, will be the first step towards its construction.

This is an important step that is necessary for Kroman to complete a new modern swimming pool, said Mayor Vratislav Krej.

City Hall will prepare a state study for the local pool and what a new sport should look like.

is also the expected price for the reconstruction of the existing pool in Obvodov street. She is still there, the last word will be in addition to the representative.

Assuming that before the Zij municipal elections, the council will move the project to the phase of preparation projects, called Krej. The investment itself will decide on the investment and the new council.

Krej has long been a clone to build a new pool. The big argument is the high energy consumption of the existing pool, which will cost us more and more for operating costs, he explained.

The key is whether Kromi can get enough pensions. Only from its own budget, it will finance the new building for an estimated 300 million crowns, it would have to rely on it to get the support.

The mayor added that he had given him the funds.

dn ob akvacentrum, k mstostarosta

The existing swimming pool was built in the 1970s as part of the so-called Z event, and the modern day is not suitable for two days. That is why the current coalition clones to create a new one.

We are not going to have an aqua center, we want to have a wide range of services for citizens, but at the same time its operation must be financially acceptable, Krej changed.

In the indoor pool there are attractions for children, wellness including saunas and a number of swimming lanes suitable for athletes and schoolchildren. The coincidence is that Krom would not have to look for new space for swimming, athletes or the public, as it would be during the reconstruction of the existing pool.