In Nizhny Tagil, they began to build temporary roads in the Pyrlovka microdistrict – this is the area near the Vyisky pond. The general contractor, MUP Tagildorstroy, plans to equip about 10 km of the road leading to the sites. Now the road workers have begun excavation, the press service of the mayor’s office reports.

Normal entrances in this area have been waiting for a long time – for several years, residents have been forced to get to sites in impassable directions. People turned to the prosecutor’s office, which attracted traffic police officers to check.

To date, the equipment has passed more than 200 meters of the road section, says the director of Tagildorstroy, Igor Vasiliev. After that, the road will be covered with rocky soil, and then rammed with rubble so as to create a canvas that has practically no voids. This technique is often used in the construction of temporary roads. It allows you to make a comfortable passage for large vehicles.

Until October 15, temporary roads will appear on Pyrlovka along the streets: Zarechnaya, Semeynaya, 2nd April, Nadezhdinskaya, Otradnaya, Nezhinskaya, Rodnaya, Quiet and Preobrazhensky lane. 39 culverts will be laid to pass wastewater.

In 2018, the mayor’s office issued 139 land plots for housing construction with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 25 thousand square meters. m. And in total 209 such allotments should appear here.

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Microdistrict Pyrlovka / 2GIS

Construction of roads on Pyrlovka / MUP “Tagildorstroy”