The import of strong alcohol from abroad to Russia in the first half of 2022 fell sharply by 34.4% compared to the same period last year. About it writes “b”.

Most of all, supplies of foreign whiskey (by 48.4%), vodka (by 41.7%) and liqueurs (by 36.6%) decreased. Even less tequila, tinctures, fruit distillates (by 34.5%) and gin (by 26.6%) began to be imported into Russia. In addition, imports of brandy and cognacs decreased by 11.3%.

The deliveries of rum were the least affected, which decreased by only 1.8% compared to January-June last year.

Industry experts believe that the decline in imports is due to anti-Russian sanctions and a halt in the supply of a number of global enterprises. Thus, the largest importers and distributors of alcohol stopped the shipment of alcohol to Russia at the end of February due to a sharp depreciation of the ruble against the euro.

In July, the largest foreign whiskey producers decided to leave the Russian alcohol market. Beam Suntory and Edrington (Jim Beam, Macallan, Courvoisier, The Famous Grouse and others) have agreed to transfer the Maxxium Russia division to local management.

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