“Immortal Regiment” and “Great-grandchildren of Victory” marched through the streets of Ryazhsk

On May 9, the Immortal Regiment and Great-grandchildren of Victory actions took place in Ryazhsk. This procession was held in person for the first time in two years: it was not held due to coronavirus restrictions.

Despite the bad weather, representatives of enterprises, organizations, institutions of the city, Yunarmiya members and participants in the Immortal Regiment action gathered near the administration building.

The head of the Ryazhsky district, the chairman of the regional Duma, Oleg Mokrousov, congratulated everyone on Victory Day.

“It’s not scary that it’s raining today,” Oleg Yuryevich said. – The main thing is that we have a peaceful sky above our heads. We must show the whole world that we are united and ready to stand up for ourselves and our Motherland.”

Member of the regional council of veterans, retired lieutenant colonel Yuri Vlasenko urged to always remember the feat of fathers and grandfathers:

“The action “Immortal Regiment” is an opportunity to march in the same ranks with those who fought on the fronts of the war, worked in the rear, brought Victory closer. Glory to the heroes!”

Irina Grabchak and her daughter Alexandra always participate in the Immortal Regiment campaign:

“My grandfather Ivan Ivanovich Grabchak met my grandmother Evdokia Kuzminichnaya Popova during the war in a hospital in Ryazhsk. They got married, they had a son, but grandfather again went to fight and went missing. After the war, a miracle happened, and he returned to his family in Ryazhsk. Ivan Ivanovich was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the Red Star, medals “For the Defense of Moscow”, “For the Defense of Stalingrad”, “For Courage”, “For Military Merit”. May 9 is a great holiday for us, and we proudly carry the portrait of our grandfather.”

Tatyana Evgenievna Larina, teacher of secondary school No. 4:

“In our family, we consider this day a holy day, we honor both the dead and the survivors. The portrait shows my father Evgeny Mikhailovich Beskov. He was called in the Voronezh region and reached Germany.

The festive procession was led by representatives of the public organizations “Combat Brotherhood”, the Cossacks, the branch of the Russian Guard, the police, as well as the cadets and the Yunarmiya.

On Sovetskaya Square, to the sounds of the Anthem of Russia, the Banner of Victory, the flags of the Russian Federation and the Ryazan Region were raised. This honorary right was granted to the juvenile prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp Ivan Denisovich Rybakov, the participant in the war in Afghanistan Alexander Piteryakov and the participant in the hostilities in the North Caucasus Alexander Podyapolsky.

Further, the column proceeded to the Fraternal Cemetery, where Archpriest Andrey Silinsky, the Dean of the Ryazhsky District, served a prayer service for the dead.

The rally-requiem was opened by Andrey Nasonov, head of the administration of the Ryazhsky district. He congratulated everyone on the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory, expressed deep gratitude to the veterans for their feat, and wished them good health and long life.

Oleg Lomakin, military commissar of the Ryazhsky and Alexander Nevsky districts, wished the audience good spirits and a peaceful sky above their heads.

Also speaking at the rally were Oleg Biryukov, chairman of the Ryazhsk branch of the All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans “Combat Brotherhood”, and Dmitry Morgunenko, commander of the Avangard Youth Army detachment of secondary school No. 2.

With a minute of silence, the people of Ryazhe honored the memory of all those who died during the war and veterans who are no longer with us.

Wreaths and flowers from the district administration, labor collectives and public organizations were laid at the memorials and on the graves of the soldiers.

The holiday continued on Sovetskaya Square, where everyone who wished to refresh themselves with soldier’s porridge, cooked in military unit 11227.

In the district House of Culture, students of the Ryazhsky College named after. Hero of the Soviet Union A.M. Serebryakova and students of city schools under the guidance of Nadezhda Selezneva invited everyone to the traditional “Victory Waltz”.

The event “Songs of Victory” was held at the site of the local history museum, where everyone was invited to sing their favorite songs dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

Also on May 9, rallies and festive concerts were held in all villages of the district.